Fall Out Boy Performs “Centuries”

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on Sep 17, 2014

Fall Out Boy Performs “Centuries” on Jimmy Kimmel Live


ciaderpy asked:

Hey! I've been listening to FOB for quite a while now, But I don't know a lot about the members or the band history. Do you think you could tell me a bit about the band and everything? Sorry about it, i just haven't been keeping up :(

a bit… they go together since 2001, Pete and Joe knew each other already and after they met Patrick & Andy.
and keep reading here » sorry, have no time. :/ 

Anonymous asked:

Hey, sorry if this is a silly question or if it's already been asked, but I'm relatively new to FOB, and I was wondering: is insincerelypete on Tumblr really Pete? I mean, I know that ahomeboyslife is really Pete, but insincerelypete claims to also be Pete, and I think that ahomeboyslife reblogged a couple of things from insincerelypete a while back. Sorry, I didn't know who else to ask. Thanks!


It’s okay! Yes, insincerelypete is also Pete’s blog. In addition to his “official” accounts, Pete has typically had accounts that were off the radar, ones that only fans know about and follow.